Cayla Willie

My world name is Cayla Willie, I was born as a female to a class still not seen as a person. I have a family of my own. I as someone who felt as if they were born to create for this world have done so most of my life. I learned so much so I could create on my own for others and share a piece of me. I have created life for my future, I can create necessary tools and items, I have created a way for me to keep my ancestors alive within my everyday living. I am a big sis, little sis, lover and a mother. Never going to change too much just enough to grow. To crazy to handle for sum BUT they keep coming back. I am my own person who will not stop being me, Someone who finds a way because determination and

Resiliency is in my blood. Taking my ancestors strength and using it to help my individualism stand strong through this life that people forget to live in.