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On November 8th, the atmosphere at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens was charged with the spirit of cultural celebration during our TAKEOVER event. The occasion granted us the privilege of immersing ourselves in the captivating expressions of talented artists, who generously shared their traditional dances, imparted wisdom, and opened up about their personal experiences. Moreover, we offered a sneak peek into our upcoming annual exhibit at the Everglades, featuring the contributions of 13 artists, including the breathtaking artistry of Seminole and Miccosukee artists.

This exceptional evening  featured esteemed guests who enthralled the audience. Christian Wassana, founder of the motivational movement “I am, I can, I will,” and acclaimed actor from the Yellowstone series, will share his profound insights. Samuel Tommie, a renowned musician and artist from the Seminole Tribe of Florida, will mesmerize with his awaking words and melodies. And the Comunidad de Danza Conchera Tonalxochitl opened the event with their sacred and traditional dnces

A special note of gratitude goes to Vizcaya Museum and Gardens, particularly to Rebecca Peterson and Christian Rodriguez for providing the space that allowed Indigenous voices to resonate and echo on lands that bear the historical significance of Indigenous People. Among the many highlights of the event, the sacred song and drum performance by Christian Wassana left an indelible impression, contributing to the profound sense of cultural richness that defined this celebration. We remain deeply thankful for the opportunity to amplify Indigenous voices and expressions in a space that acknowledges and honors the heritage of the original stewards of the land.


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Audrey Betancourt

Photography by Audrey Betancourt

Video by Tracey and Martin Photonotions (@traceyandmartinphoto)

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